Play is a comprehensive learning process for children, not just a pastime. The impact on the development of a child’s character and education is treasured by the UN in the child’s right to play. However, a lack of playing and educational opportunities keeps many underprivileged children in India from developing their full potential.

We want to create awareness for the value of play in India and make opportunities to play for underprivileged children possible. To reach this goal we have teamed up with the Value of Play committee. Each of the members is an ambassador of children in his or her way. Together we will spot and develop resourceful charity projects or support NGOs for the well-being of the children in India.

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Activities 2016

On 17 September 2016 at the Seminar and Workshop programme organized during the Kids India 2016 fair, the International Play Association held a panel discussion on the topic 'The Serious Business of Child's Play'. Prof. Sujata Sriram, Tata Institute of Social Sciences; Dr. Chetna Duggal, Assistant Professor, TISS and Practising Psychotherapist; Dr. Nandita Chaudhary, Associate Professor Delhi University, Expert in Child Development; and Shweta Chari, Program Director, Toybank were some of the panelists who gave the audience interesting insights into the topic.

Besides this a donation campaign was also organized on the last day of the fair where many of the 150 exhibitors at Kids India 2016 made a contribution. This made it possible to collect a large variety of toys which were then handed over children from the NGO ‘Toybank’. The NGO sets up toy / game libraries where socio-economically disadvantaged children can play with educational toys and games.

Value of Play says "Thank you" to the following companies for their generosity and contribution:



Value of Play Committee: Vivek Jhangiani

Vivek Jhangiani

President, The All India Toy Manufacturers‘ Association

Vivek Jhangiani was recently appointed President of The All India Toy Manufacturers’ Association (TAITMA), which speaks up for the Indian toy industry. He is the ambassador for Value of Play within the Indian toy industry for raising funds and support for the various projects to come.

Value of Play Committee: Ernst Kick

Ernst Kick

CEO, Spielwarenmesse eG

Ernst Kick is the Chief Executive Officer of Spielwarenmesse eG. The fair organiser from Germany started the Value of Play charity campaign together with the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) and the Value of Play Committee. Being an entrepreneur, Ernst Kick treasures playing abilities, team spirit and creativity. These key skills are essential to achieving goals and personal development. Children and adults can overcome limitations through play. For this reason, Ernst Kick is supporting the charity campaign in order to create opportunities for those who most need to play.

Value of Play Committee: Dr. Rajani Konantambigi

Dr. Rajani Konantambigi

Associate Professor at Centre for Human Ecology, Tata Institute of Social Sciences

The Associate Professor currently teaches Psychology at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) Mumbai. Her areas of research cover, amongst others, child and adolescent development in adverse contexts with a special focus on social and emotional aspects. She organised a workshop on Global Consultations on a child’s right to play and wrote several papers on the subject of playing. Additionally, she is the President of the International Play Association in India.

Value of Play Committee: Shradha Mehra

Shradha Mehra

Master of Child Development, University of Delhi

Shradha Mehra is an expert in child development. She has a lot of experience in working with children, especially with children with special needs. Furthermore she collaborated with a number of NGOs such as Deeds, an organization to help the hearing impaired, Disha, a social organization to address concerns of the vast rural population and the United States-India Educational Foundation.

Value of Play Committee: Sanjay Singh

Sanjay Singh

Founder and Global Head "Chuppi Todo Campaign"

Sanjay Singh has worked several years as a TV journalist. After he attended a course in Child Rights from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences the idea of his campaign against child abuse was born. With the Chuppi Todo Campaign he wants to sensitise people. He created the slogan “Don’t keep mum, speak to your mom” which is to encourage children not to stay silent but to talk to someone if they were abused. During the course he also produced two educational documentaries which highlight the importance of the topic of child and sexual abuse.

Value of Play Committee: Matthew Spacie

Matthew Spacie

CEO & Founder, Magic Bus

Matthew Spacie is the Executive Chairman and Founder of Magic Bus. The former rugby player started his project in 1999 and today the charitable organisation can count 700 full time staff in 5 countries with mentor programmes helping 300,000 children each week. With the help of an “Activity Based Curriculum” that operates with games, the mentors teach children important skills for their future life. Mr. Spacie is a man of action and steps in as an advocate for the underprivileged children in India.


Value of Play Initiators: Spielwarenmesse eG

Spielwarenmesse eG

Spielwarenmesse eG is the leading exhibition organizer and marketing services provider for the toy industry. The Nuremberg-based company organises both the Spielwarenmesse®, the world’s leading trade fair for toys, hobbies and leisure, as well as the international exhibition programme World of Toys by Spielwarenmesse eG. This joint participation concept is designed to bring manufacturers to trade fairs world-wide.

Our company is dedicated to sustainability. By organizing the international trade fair Kids India we certainly pursue commercial interests. Nevertheless, playing embraces so much more than just business. Playing drives man and ideas. In return for all the support we have been experiencing in India, we would like to spread the idea of Value of Play to the people and to contribute to the development of Indian children.

As of April 2016 we have founded a subsidiary in India called Spielwarenmesse India Pvt. Ltd. The main objectives of the company, which is headed by Ms. Katharina Janotta as its Managing Director, include representing Spielwarenmesse eG and staging the Kids India fair.

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